A&D Quality Construction
Address: P.O. Box 2797 Renton, WA
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Building Services

New construction
Interior and exterior renovation
Tenant improvements

Civil Services

Complete site work

Long Business Description:

A&D Quality Construction Co., LLC, is a General Contractor licensed in the State of Washington since 1991. It is owned and operated by Keith and Annette Demps, husband and wife. A&D builds residential and commercial structures and performs infrastructure services in both the private and public sectors.

Past private performance consists primarily of acquiring and developing land to build tracts of single family homes, apartment complexes, churches, and mixed-use residential/commercial buildings. A&D self-performs the majority of the work and sub-contracts the balance. Projects normally range in size from $300,000 to $3,000,000.

In addition to structural and site work, in recent years A&D has expanded services into the public works sector. The focus is on earthwork, including underground utilities construction, excavation, sewer and concrete installations, demolition, site clearing, and other infrastructure services. Projects performed include those for the Cities of Seattle, Issaquah, Renton, and the King County Housing Authority.

Proud of its safety program and record, A&D boasts an EMR rating of .90 with the Washington Department of Labor and Industries.

Business Website Address: http://www.adqualityco.com/
Business Phone Number: (425) 271.7751
Business Fax: (425) 226.0111
AIO Enterprise
Address: 11006 Tortola Isle Way
Tampa FL

Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Our mission is to serve as the catalyst for your numerical – business needs. Our commitment to quality, reliability, and communication are our fundamental values
Long Business Description:

At AIO, we provide a range of financial services aimed towards increasing your companies profitability. While working in different environments we pride ourselves on becoming experts on the ins and outs of each industry. Our implemented system manages the workload of any company to produce real dollar growth. Whether working as your forensic auditor, controller, or accountants our goal is to always exceed expectations. Our ability to maintain a strong analytical approach to our work, rapid problem solving, and ability to adapt is what puts us ahead. We achieve every task designing and performing analytical procedure and making inquiries in order for the statements to be in conformity with the applicable financial reporting framework and in accordance with GAAP.

Business Website Address: http://www.aioenterprise.com/
Business Phone Number: 407-466-3689
Business Fax: 813-436-5640
Blackstar Diversified Enterprises
Address: 6801 Eastern Avenue, Suite 205

Baltimore, MD
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: A complete offering of Metal Clad, Metal Enclosed, SF6 Gas Insulated, UL1558 and UL891 Switchgear, along with ANSI MV Transfomers, UL508, UL50, UL67, UL568, UL857 and UL1773 Custom equipment. Our project management team offers expertise in these lines, making complex projects a breeze.
Long Business Description:

BDE, LLC prides ourselves on working with consulting engineers on custom electrical generation and distribution equipment designs. We fully support owners and engineers during the project design phase, as to provide the end user the product that they specifically want.

Business Website Address: https://www.blackstardiversified.com/
Business Phone Number: 202-827-7374
Global Environmental & Remediation, LLC
Address: Kearneysville, WV
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: The only thing as important as a job well done is a job well done quickly. Global Environmental & Remediation, LLC prides itself on being efficient.
Long Business Description:

A Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

In the world of business one needs to always focus on what is important. For us, what is important is our clients and their satisfaction. We owe our clients the continued success of our business in Martinsburg and it is for them that we make sure to never waver in our commitment to excellence.

Before we perform any job or service for our Martinsburg clientele we map out a detailed plan to ensure that the work is done efficiently and with the expertise the people of Martinsburg have come to expect from Global Environmental & Remediation, LLC.

Business Phone Number: (304) 279-5335
Business Fax: (304) 283-6764
HGI Haskins Group
Address: 320 Ridgewood Dr,
Fayetteville, GA
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: HASKIN GROUP INTERNA-TIONAL, INC. (HGI) is a multi-faceted, multi-disciplined logis-tical, information technology, engineering services and con-sulting company.
Long Business Description:

HGI provides, Base Operation Support, logistics engineering and management, supply chain management, project and pro-gram management, contract management, plan develop-ment, distribution operations and information technology support stateside and over-seas. HGI has determined that strate-gically partnering with large and small businesses give us the ability to respond more effec-tively to contract opportunities. HGI is in business to serve peo-ple. We have assembled a highly successful team, who are committed to bringing their experience and talents to bear in order to provide outstanding logistical and information tech-nology support to your organiza-tion.

Business Website Address: http://hgintl.com/
Business Phone Number: 770-460-7172
Address: P.O. BOX 22
Mt. Zion Illinois
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Get your paper products deliver to your door
Long Business Description:

We ship everything directly to your door so you never have to worry about shopping for home paper products. Buy anything shown individually or get a renewable subscription. If you’re just stopping by for the first time look at some of the free information we have on alternate uses of our products for you:

Business Website Address: https://imsfun.com/
Business Phone Number: (800) 426-9803
Infinite Maintenance Supplies
Address: online at http://www.infinitesuppliesinc.com/contact.html
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: No matter what your supply needs are for janitorial,plumbing, HVAC. or tools we have it
Long Business Description:

Looking for a quality supplier of wholesale hardware, tools, appliances, and building maintenance products with prices that fit your budget? Rest assured you are in capable hands at Infinite Maintenance Supplies, Inc. ​​​We offer a wide range of products from brands you know and trust.

Business Website Address: http://www.infinitesuppliesinc.com/
Business Phone Number: 1-800-426-9803
Our logo says it all
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Commercial and residential plumbing services
Long Business Description:

Our mission at Seal Tight Plumbing is to guarantee highly efficient plumbing systems without leaks and 100% customer satisfaction. Offering a variety of services in commercial & residential properties.

Business Website Address: www.http://sealtightplumbing.com/
Business Phone Number: 410-209-7222
Syber Sense
Address: 2200 Wilson Blvd. Suite 102-382, Arlington, VA
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Sybersense is a company that is a trusted provider of Cyber Security advisory services to businesses, healthcare providers, and to the U.S. Government. Our targeted services include Governance, Risk, Compliance, Cloud Security, and Security Architecture guidance. Leveraging our security expertise, advanced research and security tools, Syber sense is at the forefront of securing today's enterprises.
Long Business Description:

Sybersense is an innovative and emerging professional services company offering coresolutions in Information Assurance, compliant technical solutions, and managementservices serving the federal government. Information

Sybersense offers a broad suite of intelligent solutions designed to protect your most critical information assets. From identifying and ranking vulnerabilities and threats to recommending where and how to mitigate your most serious business, operational, and technical exposures,the following solutions are available:

Business Website Address: https://www.sybersense.net/
Business Phone Number: 703-962-1163
Business Fax: 703-972-9148
The CTS Group LLC
Address: 13407 Tamarak road
Silver Spring Md.
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Our services are designed to provide our clients with a sense of confidence and assurance. The CTS Group, LLC enables clients to optimize their financial departments and provide greater leverage in utilizing agency resources by providing financial management, account maintenance, budget development and analysis and interim outsourcing.
Long Business Description:

Established in 2007, The CTS Group, LLC is an SBA 8(a) certified small business built on national public accounting firm experience. We provide comprehensive accounting and advisory business services including financial management, account maintenance, audit support, budget development and analysis, interim outsourcing, internal control design and support, government contractor consulting, and financial due diligence. We are committed to an enduring pursuit of excellence and expressed customer satisfaction through quality technical and value added services. With extensive expertise and experience we provide uncompromising integrity and accountability; and strict adherence to industry standards and regulations.

Business Website Address: https://ctsgroupllc.com/
Business Phone Number: 301.801.1193
Business Fax: 301.384.9407
Address: 1001 Connecticut Ave.,Suite 745
Washington, DC
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Founded in 1983, Bazilio Cobb Associates, PC provides professional services to federal, state, and local government agencies; Fortune 500 companies; nonprofit organizations; and various public and private sector clients. We are a full-service firm providing the traditional accounting, audit, and tax preparation services, as well as a wide range of financial, management, and information technology consulting services.
Business Website Address: https://baziliocobb.com/
Business Phone Number: (202) 737-3300